Zombie Toast


The stars are right and Acthung! Cthulhu for PDQ has been released from its slumber! It was done for Modiphius, so it's not officially a "zombie toast" production, but it still feels good to have something out there. The book is a new version of the PDQ system designed for wartime horror which includes rules for insanity, fear, weapons and vehicles as well as optional rules to tweak the level of action and horror to your liking. In addition to the new rules you've got the Three Kings adventure, converted to the PDQ system.

If you're interested, click here to buy it from RPGnow

And of course I'm still recruiting playtesters for Battle Royale, Zombie Toast's first official product (also for the PDQ system). It's open to anyone and I'm interested in hearing from as many people as possible, so if you'd like to take part just download the playtesting material and please let me know what you think.

Playtesting Rules

Playtesting Adventure and Pregens

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